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Webb Investments


Revitalizing communities.

Activating potential and maximizing opportunity.

Talent and ingenuity exists in every community across our nation, but so many communities remain under-actualized.

To us, it’s simple. It’s about aligning instruments of economic opportunity with and for people residing where opportunity exists.

For generations before us, and for decades within our business, we have been committed to building deep-rooted connections. Most often, those connections grow from within overlooked communities.

We believe

People are our most valuable asset.

Our greatest opportunities are found in the people and places that have been left behind.

Transformative community development and revitalization is always inclusive.

Social equity and economic inclusion isn’t just progress for one community, it’s progress for all communities.

Social, systemic, and economic inclusion will result in a beautiful thing called parity.

Our ultimate goal is 
to realize parity.

par·i·ty (noun)

Parity is the systemic, social, and economic equity resulting in rooted revitalization, empowered actualization, and profitable returns for all people.

Rooted Revitalization. Equitable Returns.

We’re in the business of inclusive community development. 

Our ongoing pursuit of parity is shaped by decades of experience as community developers, advocates, and employers in under-actualized urban centers.

Inclusive community development 
is about investing in people and 
the places they live in.

Our areas of development are:

Real Estate

At the foundation of a thriving community is dignified housing and an environment that addresses the community’s needs.

We believe that all people in communities should have the agency to influence how their neighborhoods are designed.

In meaningful and intentional partnerships with the people we serve, we develop affordable, inclusive, and human-centered housing in emerging communities.

Business Partnerships and Entrepreneurial Development 

In collaboration with founders and business leaders in underserved communities, we train, equip, and empower them to grow well-rooted, scalable, profitable business ventures that challenge the status quo and result in returns that benefit everyone involved.

Our retail platform invests in new and existing concepts that enable increased ownership units, scalability, operational efficiency, and optimal financial performance.

It Takes a Village.
Meet our Team

They say it takes a village, and we couldn’t agree more.

At Webb Investments, we too are a village, and each one of our team members, partners, and collaborators contributes to our goal of advancing communities and achieving parity.

We lend our diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise to each conversation, relationship, and community that we serve. We want to see people and communities prosper. That’s why we’re doing it together.

Kyle Webb is dedicated to creating a world where people are included in the opportunities created in their communities giving them the opportunity to thrive. Kyle is responsible for portfolio management, deal diligence, and family office services. He earned his bachelor's degree from Morehouse College, MBA from the University of Southern California, and completed the Advanced Finance Program at The Wharton School. Kyle is married with his wife, Amy, and raising their son, Kemet.

Kyle Webb

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Kiana Webb helms project operations, efficiency, and community relations at Webb Investments. Her priorities include striving to attain a higher degree of excellence and empowering others to contribute to the greater good by maximizing their potential. She developed a culture of improvement, tying business outcomes to personal growth goals and rewarding people for accomplishing them.

Kiana Webb

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Karim is a respected leader civically and within the restaurant industry;  Recognized for developing social equity ownership models, Karim is on the Board of Airport Commissioners / LAX, California Community Foundation, EveryTable and the Digital Restaurant Association.  Karim is also a multi-unit franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Karim Webb

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Steve is a partner and leads community development. He was President and CEO of National CORE for 11 years, a full-service affordable housing developer and social service organization with a national portfolio of more than 10,000 apartments. Under his watch, CORE became the largest non-profit general contractor in the U.S. and a leading developer across Southern California. Steve holds an MBA from the Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University.

Steve PonTell

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Over the last 10 years, Mylene has navigated several divisions of Webb Investments, specializing in strategy and the post-acquisition integration of Webb's portfolio companies. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Finance and Management Science.

Mylene Gugol

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Dalia holds a degree in Commerce and Marketing from the John Molson School of Business and has worked at some of the world’s largest marketing agencies. During her career, she has generated high revenue growth for Fortune 500 clients and prominent B2B/B2C brands across North America.

Dalia Hamouda

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Michael’s primary responsibilities include conducting due diligence and transaction support. Prior to joining the firm, he was at an investment advisory firm where he specialized in private equity investments. He began his career at a boutique investment bank.

Michael Li

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Jonathan, VP of program development, has worked on the investment team of several family offices and began his career with a large real estate developer and general contractor. He holds an MBA from Peking University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California.

Jonathan Kendrick

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Join us as we realize community-shifting work that empowers underserved communities and results in returns for everyone involved.

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